Dandelion is a common meadow herb of the Asteraceae or sunflower family. There are about 100 species of dandelion, and all are beneficial.

  • The name dandelion is taken from the French word “dent de lion” meaning lion’s tooth, referring to the coarsely-toothed leaves

  • The dandelion is the only flower that represents the 3 celestial bodies of the sun, moon and stars. The yellow flower resembles the sun, the puff ball resembles the moon and the dispersing seeds resemble the stars

  • The dandelion flower opens to greet the morning and closes in the evening to go to sleep

  • Every part of the dandelion is useful: root, leaves, flower. It can be used for food, medicine and dye for coloring

  • Dandelion can be used in the production of wine and root beer

  • The Root of the Dandelion can be used as a substitute for coffee. Dandelions are high in calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C.

  • Dandelion is used in folk medicine to treat infections and liver disorders.

  • Dandelion Tea acts as a diuretic

  • Dandelion greens are great as a Superfood, 1 cup of Dandelion greens = 535% of your daily recommended Vit K and 112% of Vitamin A

  • Dandelions have one of the longest flowering seasons of any plant Seeds are often carried as many as 5 miles from their origin

  • Up until the 1800s people would pull grass out of their lawns to make room for dandelions and other useful “weeds” like chickweed, malva, and chamomile


The Dandelion has roots deep into history. They were used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, for overall wellness, and have been used in Chinese traditional medicine for over a thousand years.

A not so fun fact:

Every year Americans spend millions on lawn pesticides to have uniform lawns of non-native grasses, and we use 30% of the country’s water supply to keep them green.


Dandelions may have various health benefits:

  • Reducing Cholesterol

  • Regulating Blood Sugar

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • Lowering Blood Pressure

  • Aiding Weight Loss

  • Reducing Cancer Risk

  • Boosting The Immune System

  • Aiding Digestion

  • Keeping Skin Healthy


Dandelions are rich in nutrients and could be a healthful addition to a person’s diet or daily supplements. As with any supplement, it is best to speak to a doctor before taking them to discuss possible risks and interactions with other medications. More research needs to be done to prove the health benefits for every human.